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          Welcome to visit Handan Xinbang Bicycle Co.,Ltd. Official website!
          Service Hotline: +86-15103109372
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          Handan Xinbang Bicycle Industry Co,.Ltd. is located in the largest bicycle parts manufacturing base of china .With an advantageous position and transportation.We are an important producer base for domestic and foreign customers
          As a large enterprise, we specialize in designing, developing and manufacturing children's bicycles and toys.Our main products are children bicycle,R/C electric baby car ,baby stroller and children tricycle. We have our own R&D team whoes a group of young people with dreams !our products were designed by them are sold well not only in 36 provinces and cities in china .They also sold in more then 40 countries and regions with a variety kind of certificates ( 3C CE EN7 ) Therefore, we have become an appointed factory for many customers.At same time ,we enjoy a good reputation in domestic and foreign markets
          With bigger duty, more attention, new technology and better materials,we supply excellent goods for global customers.We sincerely hope to have good cooperation with a wide range of friends.to contribute to world bicycle and toys development and beautiful tomorrow together

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